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8/14/2022 - 10th Sun. after Pentecost

Followers of Christ pray boldly. Though we are unworthy, though it seems as though our prayers go unanswered at times, God's people pray boldly and persistently, trusting that the God who hears and answers their prayers is merciful and gracious. Pastor's sermon, "We Can Boldly Approach God in Prayer" is based on Genesis 18:20-32.

8/7/2022 - 9th Sun. after Pentecost

The best part of following Christ is listening to His Word, especially to the joyous promises of His saving love and forgiveness. Pastor's sermon, "The Word of Christ Is All We Need," is based on Luke 10:38-42. If you'd like to follow along, simply download the worship folder from our website at www.christthekinggb.org/sunday-bulletins

7/31/22 - 8th Sun. after Pentecost

Sometimes we get the impression that knowing God's will for our lives and doing it are impossible. It is impossible with men--but not with God. Pastor's sermon, "God's Word Is Closer Than You Think" is based on Deuteronomy 30:9-14.

7/24/22 - 7th Sun. after Pentecost

Followers of Christ take part in the work of His kingdom. Some, like the seventy-two Jesus sent out, preach the Word. Yet we are all called to bear one another's burdens and boast in the cross of Christ. Pastor's sermon, "Seize the Opportunity to Serve Christ" is based on Galatians 6:1-10,14-16. If you'd like to follow along with today's service, simply download the worship folder from our website at www.christthekinggb.org/sunday-bulletins. God bless your worship!

7/17/22 - 6th Sun. after Pentecost

Following Christ calls for a total commitment that goes wherever He leads and puts His kingdom first. It's a commitment that follows Christ's total commitment to rescuing us from the guilt and punishment our sins deserved. That kind of commitment can only come from trusting that the One we follow both knows the way and has only our best in mind. Pastor's sermon, "Resolutely Follow Jesus", is based on Luke 9:51-62.

7/4/22 - 4th Sun. after Pentecost

True faith in Christ begins with a recognition of our own guilt. Through contrition and repentance, the Lord leads humble hearts to receive His forgiveness for their sins. Pastor's sermon, "Trust in Christ's Forgiveness" is based on Luke 7:36-50. 

7/10/22 - 5th Sun. after Pentecost

Sometimes it can seem like faithfulness to Jesus is not worth the trouble. Yet, as we bear the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord strengthens and refines us to boldly confess Jesus as the Christ, even in the face of suffering! Pastor's sermon, "Expect to Bear the Cross of Jesus" is based on Luke 9:18-24.