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1/16/22 - 2nd Sun. after Epiphany

As the invited guest to a small-town wedding, Jesus performed the first of His many miraculous signs by turning water into wine. In doing so He revealed His glory: the glory of His almighty power, and also the glory of His grace and love! We can put our faith in Christ, knowing that He shares the same gracious love toward each of us. Pastor's sermon, "Jesus' Gifts Reveal His Glory" is based on John 2:1-11.

1/9/2022 - The Baptism of Our Lord

When Jesus came to the Jordan to be baptized by John, He was anointed as our Savior with the Father's voice and the Holy Spirit's presence. We are reminded of God's grace in our own salvation--grace seen in our own baptism, that God saved us through the washing of regeneration and the renewal of the Holy Spirit. Pastor's sermon, "He Saved Us," is based on Titus 3:4-7.

1/2/2022 - The Epiphany of Our Lord

At the Epiphany of Our Lord, we continue to celebrate the birth of the Savior of Nations! The dawning of God's Son is so bright and glorious that His light reaches to the ends of the earth! Pastor's sermon, "Rise And Shine--the Light Has Come!" is based on Isaiah 60:1-6.

12/31/21 - New Year's Eve

As we mark the end of one year and the beginning of another, the Word of God assures us that our past and our future are in the hands of a loving God. With souls purified in the truth of Christ, and with lives born again by His enduring Word, let us resolve in the new year to love one another fervently, from the heart! Pastor's sermon, "Resolve to Love One Another" is based on 1 Peter 1:22-25.

12/26/21 - First Sunday after Christmas

What Child is this? Our perfect Savior and Substitute! The joys of the Christmas season go on and on as we visit Jesus in His boyhood. Already as a child, we see Jesus serving as our substitute, perfectly obeying God's law in our place. He does this so that one day He could lay down His sinless life as the sacrifice for our sins. Pastor's sermon, "Already About His Father's Business," is based on Luke 2:41-52.


12/24-25/2021 - Christmas Services

The Child in the manger is the Word made flesh! While the mystery of Christmas is beyond our understanding, we still are blessed to hear the good news of Christmas, assured that both the Child born this day is real, as well as the gift of life He gives us in His coming! Pastor's Christmas Day sermon, "The Living Nativity" is based on Isaiah 9:2-7.

As the Light shines in the darkness, bursting forth into our hearts and lives as the Word made flesh, we wonder in awe at the glory of the Lord! With familiar carols and we celebrate the fulfillment of God's promise in the Christ-child! Pastor's Christmas Eve sermon, "What Child Is This?" is based on Luke 2:10-16. 

12/19/21 - 4th Sunday in Advent

Christ is coming—and His coming is a gift of love! For us, love is rarely a gift. We love those who love us in return. But with God, His love is always an undeserved gift, especially as He sends His own Son to sacrifice Himself to make sinners holy. Today, we join Mary in marveling at the great things done by the Mighty One in love and mercy! Pastor's sermon, "Appreciate the Wonders of God's Love" is based on Micah 5:2-5.