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12/15/21 - 3rd Midweek Advent Service

This Advent season we are focusing on Symbols of Salvation. Tonight we are reminded of Christ Jesus our mighty warrior who comes in lowliness and humility as we look at the history of Gideon in the book of Judges. We ponder the Lord's words to Gideon when He says, "You Shall Defeat Them As One Man".

12/12/21 - 3rd Sunday in Advent

The readings this Sunday capture our joy at the coming of the Savior with the good news they have for us. Today we especially focus on the joy of repentance. While we don't usually think of repentance over our sins as being particularly joyful, the change of mind and heart that true repentance brings includes the joy we have at our Savior's coming. Pastor's sermon, "The Joy of Repentance," is based on Luke 3:7-18.

12/8/21 - 2nd Midweek Advent Service

This Advent season we are focusing on Symbols of Salvation. Tonight's Old Testament symbol of our salvation in the coming Christ is the tabernacle, as described in the book of Exodus. "The Lord Sets Up His Tent Among Us"--to bring grace and mercy to His people as He leads them to the promised land.

12/5/21 - 2nd Sunday in Advent

As John the Baptist arrives on the scene, he proclaims God's Word of repentance and remission of sins, preparing the hearts of all who hear for the coming Messiah. May the Word of God also rightly prepare our own hearts for coming of the Lord! Pastor's sermon, "Prepare the Way of the Lord!" is based on Luke 3:1-6.

11/28/21 - 1st Sunday in Advent

The season of Advent teaches us to watch and prepare for Christ's coming--and not just to celebrate His first coming at Christmas, but also to be ready for His seond coming at the last day. The hope that Christ's coming gives us enables us to lift up our heads in joyful anticipation and to open our eyes to watch our lives and pray that He would find us ready to meet Him. Pastor's sermon, "Christ's Coming Fills Us with Hope," is based on Luke 21:25-36.

11/24/21 - Thanksgiving Eve

This year marks the 400th anniversary of the first Thanksgiving in America at Plymouth Rock! The pilgrims endured a difficult year of misery, hardship and death. Yet after their first year in the new world, they didn't complain or grumble. They rejoiced and gave thanks! We too can give thanks to God, rejoicing in His grace, with the confidence that He pours into our hearts by His Word. Pastor's sermon, "Rejoice in the Gracious Lord," is based on Habakkuk 3:17-19.

11/21/21 - Christ The King Sunday

In this world our Lord Jesus' kingdom often doesn't look like much. So often evil and suffering seem to reign here on earth, causing us to question Christ's kingship. God's Word reminds us that Christ's kingdom is different--it's not just a kingdom of power, but a kingdom of grace and mercy, for which we can give thanks every day. Pastor's sermon, "We Follow a Different King," is based on John 18:33-37.