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11/14/21 - Saints Triumphant

In Jesus, we already know the end of the story. Having died for our sins, He now sits at God's right hand, reigning until the day He comes again to raise us from the dead and take us to sit with Him in heavenly glory. Pastor's sermon, "We Get to Sit with Jesus," is based on Hebrews 10:11-18.

11/7/21 - Last Judgment

For the heart of the Christian, news of God's judgment brings cheerful confidence! The Father has handed all judgment over to His Son, who offered up His own life so that we are now declared "not guilty" before God. So, we eagerly wait for our Savior's glorious return! Pastor's sermon, "Eagerly Expect the Savior's Appearance," is based on Hebrews 9:24-28.

10/31/21 - Reformation Day

On Reformation Day we give thanks to God for saving us by grace alone, on account of Christ's saving work alone, and through His powerful Word alone. Through the faithful witness of His people, the Lord preserves His precious gospel and continually reforms His Church. Pastor's sermon, "Remain Steadfast in God's Word," is based on Daniel 3:16-28.

10/24/21 - 22nd Sunday after Pentecost

While the rest of the world values the ambition to be served BY others, Jesus exemplifies the ambition of humble service TO others. Pastor's sermon, "The Son of Man Reveals True Greatness," is based on Mark 10:35-45.

10/17/21 - Organ Dedication

Jesus turns the value of worldly wealth upside down. The blessing of worldly wealth becomes a trap for us when we treasure it more than the Giver and more than our salvation. Fixing our eyes on Jesus, though, we are reminded that God's impossible grace saves sinners who fail to treasure Him above all. Pastor's sermon, "Focus on Jesus," is based on Mark 10:17-27. 

On this day we also dedicated our new church organ. Thanks be to God for the gifts of music for singing His praises.

10/10/21 - 20th Sun. after Pentecost

The world teaches us that marriage is "just a piece of paper," and if the people in our families are not a blessing to us, we can just walk away from them and let them go. But Jesus teaches us something entirely different. Jesus is the One who joined man and woman in marriage, and joins us in families, and joins us to Himself in His grace. Pastor's sermon, "What God Has Joined Together, Let Man Not Separate," is based on Mark 10:2-16.

10/3/21 - 19th Sun. after Pentecost

Instead of pridefully seeing ourselves as disciples of Jesus, the Savior teaches us that following Him is an opportunity to radically humble ourselves for the sake of our brothers and sisters in Christ. Pastor's sermon, "Jesus Turns Discipleship Upside Down," is based on Mark 9:38-50.